Did you know?

Myopia is a serious problem in Singapore

In fact, by 2050, an astonishing 77% of Singapore’s population will be myopic. That’s not the end.

Did you know?

Myopia refers to over-elongation of the eyeball and can cause/increase the risk of developing other eye diseases such as:


Myopic Macular Haemorrhage
Retinal Breaks and detachments
Peripheral Retinal Degeneration

What is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology (or Ortho-K for short) involves using customised gas-permeable lenses routinely worn overnight to reshape your cornea. This non-surgical treatment compensates your short sightedness, resulting in clear vision all day long without the use of conventional vision aids like spectacles or contact lenses.

How Does Ortho-K Work?


Gently reshapes cornea while you sleep

The customised lenses are worn overnight. While the patient is asleep, the lenses gently reshapes the front surface of the eye (cornea).


See clearly the next day!

Most patients will have perfect 20/20 vision after removing the lenses upon waking up


Control myopia progression

Various clinical studies prove that Ortho-K is one of the most effective methods to reduce myopia progression. Our practice routinely measures the eyeball length to monitor the true extent of your child’s myopia.


Routine follow-up

Scheduling of follow-ups is mandatory to grant every patient close monitoring of his/her ortho-K journey.


Benefits of Ortho-K

Reduce myopia progression

Enjoy clear vision throughout the day

No more uncomfortable spectacles or contact lenses

What To Expect At Your First Visit?

No-commitment consultation

Sit down with our experienced, passionate, and caring optometrists and understand more about Ortho-K. Get your questions answered and concerns addressed before we perform an assessment on you or your child.

Ortho-K Eyesight Assessment

Apart from analysing your family history and external factors to understand your myopia risk profile, we will also conduct a complete eye assessment to determine suitability for Ortho-K.

Customised Treatment Plan

We will proceed to explain the current vision status, risk factors, Ortho-K recommendations and expected results. Subsequently, a customised Ortho-K treatment plan will be presented for your reference before your decision to go ahead with the treatment.

All equipments and testing kits are sanitised after each usage.


What Our Patients Are Saying

Our Experienced, Passionate, And Caring Optometrists

Eyesight.sg was founded by Mr Ken Tong who has developed a special interest in the eye care profession. Empathy and bespoke patient care are the key driving factors of the business. Till date, the company continues to expand with the most dedicated team of Optometrists, envisioning to improve lives with primary eye care. The team advocates and offers comprehensive eye examinations apart from dispensing prescriptive eyewear. In pursuit of decreasing high myopia rates, Ken and his team have conducted more than 300 corporate talks to educate the masses.

Frequently ask questions

Your child is a candidate if they have a tendency to lose or abuse their contact lenses/glasses, or if wearing them interferes with their active life. The minimum age to start Ortho-K is 5 years old. Finally, if you just don’t want to be bothered with wearing glasses or contact lenses during a variety of activities such as hiking, playing sports, swimming, skiing, camping, off-road driving, biking, snorkelling, scuba and more, Ortho-K is for you.

Dry eyes are usually not a problem while you sleep as there is little tear evaporation in a closed eye, and Ortho-K lenses are only worn while you sleep. If your dry eyes are a problem while you sleep, supplementing your natural tears is a simple option. Orthokeratology provides a dry-eyed person with excellent vision with no compromise to their eye health or comfort. If you have dry eye disease due to severe arthritis or a collagen-vascular disease, you may not be a candidate. However, a comprehensive exam will give us a better idea of your chances for success.

Whether you are a good candidate depends on other factors such as the health of your eyes, your age, your pupil size and your expectations. High astigmatism is normally more complex in the design and fit. This is because conventional molds will not sit well with perfect centration on the cornea. When we custom design a mold for your cornea, we will be able to achieve perfect centration on the cornea however, we would like take a step further and reduce almost all of your cornea astigmatism. We have had fantastic results from our patients with high astigmatism but as mentioned, it will depend on the individual case and a consultation will allow us to give you a more accurate gauge on what to expect.

It depends on the severity of the myopia. For example, if a child’s eyesight is currently -3.00 dioptres (300 degrees) on both eyes, it would typically take 3 to 5 nights of diligent wearing of the Ortho-K lenses to sleep. Even in more severe cases (-6.00 or 600 degrees), it would take slightly more than a week only.

After qualifying the patient, we ensure that our patient can enjoy clear vision throughout the day. We have treated patients in excess of -1000 degrees of myopia and -450 degrees of astigmatism. This is out of the normal range of treatment and this is because we custom design each mold according to each cornea.


However, more importantly, the patient accounts for 50% of the success rate and this is because it will not be possible without the patient’s compliance and responsibility in taking ownership when handling their molds, in terms of proper insertion and removal as well as compliance in the care products.

Ortho-K is not painful. The lenses might be uncomfortable in the beginning, but it will improve over time. We understand that parents might be hesitant to immediately get a prescription for their child as they might not be receptive towards the initial discomfort. Therefore, we are offering a free trial fit for children to try out the lenses first before getting the prescription.

Both methods alter the curvature of the cornea. While Ortho-K does this by shifting the anterior cells of the cornea called the epithelium to elicit the intended shape, LASIK ablates the tissues of the cornea using laser technology.

While LASIK may cause side effects such as dry eyes or glare, Ortho-K offers a less invasive and reversible alternative, such that the cornea returns back to its original shape upon cessation of Ortho-K wear.

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Test inclusive of:

Visual Acuity


(Eye power check for short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism)

Eye alignment tests

Eye movements

Eye Pressure

Colour Vision

3D Vision

Health of eye structures

(front and back)

Reduce Your Child’s Myopia Progression and Regain Spectacle-Free Vision With Orthokeratology

A proven, safe, and non-invasive optometric treatment

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